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Help! Where do I start?
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Getting started is actually the hardest part of getting into Korean Beauty. The brands are unknown, you've never used the products before and you've got no idea what's going to work for you.  We're here to help you get started.

Our advice is to start with one of our curated starter sets - the #7daystoglow challenge set combines the most popular of korean brands and ingredients so you get a chance to try all the favourites. Or if you know your skin type, then start with the set that matches to your skin type. They contain a good selection of different types of masks, brands and ingredients and are good value too!

Click on the skin type that most describes you to find the set that best suits.

  1. Not Really Sure - #7daystoglow kickstart challenge set
  2. Dry as the Sahara - Hydration Bomb! Starter Set
  3. Dull and Tired - Brighten Up! Starter Set
  4. Neglected and undernourished - Power Combo Starter Set
  5. Red and Angry - Calm down and Clarify Starter Set
  6. Seeing the signs of Ageing - Fight the Signs of Ageing Starter Set
  7. I'm a Princess - The Best of the Best Starter Set

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