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Konjac Cleansing Puff
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The Konjac Cleansing Puff. Eveynow now and then, we stumble upon a K-Beauty secret that we just absolutely have to share even if it isn't a sheet mask. These cleansing puffs are cute, wobbly little sponges that have been used by generations of Korean women as part of a healthy cleansing routine. Made from the Konjac plant - a type of root vegetable that grows throughout asia and is also used in food products - these gentle but incredibly effective cleansing sponges are perfect for any skin type - particularly sensitive or troubled skin.

What makes these puffs unique is that they deeply cleanse face of dirt and oil but they also exfoliate away dead skin cells in the most gentle way imaginable.  These little beauties come packaged in a sealed bag, already moist and ready to use. Without moisture, they do dry to a rock-like texture so if this happens, just place them in water for a few seconds to soften them up. 

Used on it's own or with a small dab of cleanser, they work wonderfully both ways. After use, squeeze them between the palm of your hands, then hang in a well ventilated position. I like to keep two on the go (one in the shower, one by the sink) to give them a chance to air out between uses. For those with more oily, acne prone skin we recommend the charcoal version for a deeper, fuller cleanse.  You can pick them up here.

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